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Filtration solutions for construction equipment

High performance filtration is the best preventive maintenance there is for hardworking equipment in the construction industry.

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Downtime means lost revenue.

To keep your equipment in service you need filters that deliver superior performance – and a reliable supplier that offers complete coverage for your entire fleet.

Air Filtration

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Fuel and Lube Filtration

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Hydraulic Filtration

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High Performance

With Donaldson protection, your engines and equipment will operate longer between filter replacements, saving on costly downtime and repairs. And adding a Donaldson filtration system to your bulk fuel and lube storage will go even further toward protecting your equipment and maximizing uptime.

With over a century of proven filtration expertise and innovation, Donaldson has helped customers around the world to meet their evolving filtration needs with a broad spectrum of products and technologies. Our products and technologies are everywhere, from large excavators and dump trucks to hearing aids, airplane cabin air filtration systems and gas turbines.

Depend on Donaldson when every operating hour counts!